Precision Health Clinical Trials

Efficacy and Safety of VM202 in Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy -The HOPES Trial

Condition:   Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
Intervention:   Biological: VM-202
Sponsors:   Brigham and Women's Hospital;   Helixsmith Co., Ltd.
Not yet recruiting

Using Breath, Cell Free DNA and Image Analysis to PRedIct Normal TissUe and Tumour Response During Prostate Cancer SBRT

Conditions:   Prostate Cancer;   Radiotherapy Side Effects;   Volatile Organic Compounds;   DNA Damage
Intervention:   Radiation: Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
Sponsor:   NHS Lothian

Genetic Analysis of the Chiari I Malformation

Conditions:   Syringomyelia;   Type I Arnold Chiari Malformation
Sponsor:   National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Determining Bacterial Communities in the Lungs of HIV-infected Individuals With COPD in Uganda.

Conditions:   COPD;   HIV/AIDS
Intervention:   Other: No intervention
Sponsor:   Makerere University

Platform for Clinical Trials in Nutrition and Health

Condition:   Healthy Volunteers
Sponsor:   IMDEA Food

Genetic and Environmental Factors Affecting Dental Caries Risk in Adults

Conditions:   High Caries Risk;   Low Caries Risk
Interventions:   Genetic: high caries risk;   Genetic: low caries risk
Sponsor:   Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Training and Research Hospital

Study of the Impact of Freezing-thawing Procedures and the Prolonged Culture of Embryos on Epigenetic Regulation in Humans

Conditions:   Assisted Reproductive Technology;   Freezing/Thawing Procedure;   Prolonged Culture Procedure
Interventions:   Other: Sample of cord blood;   Other: Sample of placenta
Sponsor:   Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Dijon

AlloSure for the Monitoring of Antibody Mediated Processes After Kidney Transplantation

Condition:   Kidney Transplant Failure and Rejection
Interventions:   Diagnostic Test: AlloSure ddcfDNA assay;   Diagnostic Test: AlloMap assay;   Diagnostic Test: Inflammatory Cytokines
Sponsors:   University of Wisconsin, Madison;   National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK);   CareDx
Not yet recruiting

MOLecular Characterization and Treatment of THYroid Carcinoma on Struma Ovarii

Condition:   Ovarian Cancer
Intervention:   Other: DNA and RNA extraction from FFPE or frozen tissue sample
Sponsor:   Institut Bergonié
Not yet recruiting

The Master Registry of Oncology Outcomes Associated With Testing and Treatment

Conditions:   Adenocarcinoma;   Adenocystic Carcinoma;   Anal Cancer;   Appendix Cancer;   Brain Tumor;   Glioblastoma;   Astrocytoma;   Bile Duct Cancer;   Cholangiocarcinoma;   Bladder Cancer;   Bone Cancer;   Synovial Sarcoma;   Chondrosarcoma;   Liposarcoma;   Sarcoma, Kaposi;   Sarcoma,Soft Tissue;   Sarcoma;   Osteosarcoma;   CNS Cancer;   Brain Stem Neoplasms;   Breast Cancer;   Cervical Cancer;   Colorectal Cancer;   Rectal Cancer;   Colon Cancer;   Esophageal Cancer;   Esophagus Cancer;   Cancer of Colon;   Pancreatic Cancer;   Cancer of Pancreas;   Testis Cancer;   Testicular Cancer;   Ureter Cancer;   Renal Cell Carcinoma;   Kidney Cancer;   Gestational Trophoblastic Tumor;   Head and Neck Neoplasms;   Parotid Tumor;   Larynx Cancer;   Tongue Cancer;   Pharynx Cancer;   Salivary Gland Cancer;   Acute Myeloid Leukemia;   Chronic Myeloid Leukemia;   Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia;   Multiple Myeloma;   Non Hodgkin Lymphoma;   Carcinoid Tumor;   Lung Cancer;   Pulmonary Candidiasis;   Neuroendocrine Tumors;   Mesothelioma;   Thyroid Cancer;   Parathyroid Neoplasms;   Adrenal Cancer;   Small Bowel Cancer;   Stomach Cancer;   Liver Cancer;   Hepatic Cancer;   Melanoma;   Skin Cancer;   Unknown Primary Tumors;   Uterine Cancer;   Fallopian Tube Cancer;   Ovarian Cancer;   Prostate Cancer;   Vaginal Cancer;   Penile Cancer;   Vulvar Cancer;   Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia;   Cancer, Advanced;   Thymus Cancer;   Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma;   Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia;   Pheochromocytoma;   Small Cell Carcinoma
Interventions:   Diagnostic Test: Testing: Genome;   Diagnostic Test: Testing: Transcriptome;   Diagnostic Test: Testing: Proteome;   Drug: Treatment: CAR-T
Sponsor:   Taproot Health
Not yet recruiting