Translational & Clinical Research

TCAG2M is leading the University of Arizona’s research programs in precision medicine. We have several research-focused divisions, fostering research within their discipline and promoting research initiatives:

  • Cancer Genomics
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Genetics
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Population Genetics
  • Technology and Innovation

These divisions are led by Division Directors who are leaders in their fields, working at the cutting-edge of biomedical research. The Center serves as the research hub at UAHS for genetics and genomic medicine, bringing together scientists and clinicians across the university to advance translational research in diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Personalized Medical Imaging

UArizona researchers recently discovered a promising new biomarker that appears in patients before stomach cancer develops.

Molecular Diagnostics

Precision health—using an individual’s genetic profile to guide decisions regarding prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, including diseases stemming from cancer.

Personalized Care Devices

UA physician and biomaterial expert Dr. Marvin J. Slepian is part of a team that has developed biodegradable electronics that could revolutionize medicine, environmental monitoring and consumer electronics.