Often misdiagnosed as obesity, lipedema is a painful and body disfiguring condition affecting an estimated 11 percent of adult women in the United States. (Photo: Lipedema Foundation) Is It Obesity or Lipedema? UA Researcher Receives Grant to Study Genetic Risk Factors

A new study looks for genetic risk factors for lipedema, a condition characterized by excessive fat deposits causing enlargement of the buttocks, hips and legs and a relatively small waist circumference.

TCAG2M Launches Community Engagement Effort with New Series, Genes on Screen

The Community Engagement Division of TCAG2M launches a new documentary and panel discussion series, Genes on Screen.

Advances in Genetic Medicine Make Local Impact

A local news story features brothers in Tucson fighting a genetic disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, with a newly available medication.

Drs. Deborah Meyers and Eugene Bleecker TCAG2M Welcomes Co-Directors of the Division of Pharmacogenomics

TCAG2M welcomes the new co-directors of the Division of Pharmacogenomics, Drs. Deborah Meyers and Eugene Bleecker.

University of Arizona Health Sciences and Banner Health Awarded NIH Precision Medicine Grant

The University of Arizona Health Sciences and Banner Health have been selected as a key member of the National Institute of Health Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program, receiving a $4 million grant on July 6, 2016, part of a five-year $43.3 million grant.

Dr. Kenneth Ramos featured in local news story about National Precision Medicine Initiative

White House Announcement: UA Health Sciences Commits Biomedical Informatics and Genome Medicine Teams to National Precision Medicine Initiative

University of Arizona’s BIO5 Institute Announces Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation to Explore Novel Asthma Solutions