Precision Health Clinical Trials

Detection of Plasmatic Cell-free BRAF and NRAS Mutations : a New Tool for Monitoring Patients With Metastatic Malignant Melanoma Treated With Targeted Therapies or Immunotherapy ( MALT )

Conditions:   Malignant Melanoma Stage IV;   Malignant Melanoma Stage III
Intervention:   Biological: quantification of BRAF and NRAS mutation
Sponsor:   Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice
Not yet recruiting

Outcomes and Risk in People With Ependymoma

Condition:   Ependymoma
Sponsor:   National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Nuclear Myosin VI - a Therapeutic Target in Breast Cancer

Condition:   Breast Cancer
Intervention:   Other: Association of Myosin VI with oestrogen receptor
Sponsors:   Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust;   University of Kent
Not yet recruiting

Biospecimen Procurement for NIDCD Clinical Protocols

Conditions:   Hearing Disorder;   Oral Mucosal Disease;   Pharyngeal Neoplasm;   Head and Neck Neoplasms;   Laryngeal Disease
Sponsor:   National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)

The Association Between Telomere Length and Propofol Dose in Anesthesia-induction

Condition:   General Anesthesia
Intervention:   Drug: Propofol
Sponsor:   Guangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command

A Biorepository for Coronary Heart Disease in Qatar

Condition:   Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
Sponsors:   Hamad Medical Corporation;   Mayo Clinic

Study of Biomarkers in Gynecological Cancers

Condition:   Gynecologic Cancer
Interventions:   Procedure: Tumor tissue collection;   Procedure: Blood draws
Sponsor:   University Health Network, Toronto

Whole Genome Sequencing in the Detection of Rare Undiagnosed Genetic Diseases in Children in China

Conditions:   Intellectual Disability;   Multiple Congenital Anomaly;   Rare Diseases
Intervention:   Diagnostic Test: Whole genome sequencing
Sponsor:   Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Survival Prolongation by Rationale Innovative Genomics

Conditions:   Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Metastatic;   Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Stage IIIB
Interventions:   Drug: Avelumab;   Drug: Axitinib;   Drug: Palbociclib
Sponsors:   Worldwide Innovative Networking Association;   ARC Foundation for Cancer Research;   Pfizer

SAFIR02_Breast - Efficacy of Genome Analysis as a Therapeutic Decision Tool for Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

Condition:   Metastatic Breast Cancer
Interventions:   Drug: AZD2014;   Drug: AZD4547;   Drug: AZD5363;   Drug: AZD8931;   Drug: Selumetinib;   Drug: Vandetanib;   Drug: Bicalutamide;   Drug: Olaparib;   Drug: Anthracyclines;   Drug: Taxanes;   Drug: cyclophosphamide;   Drug: DNA intercalators;   Drug: Methotrexate;   Drug: vinca alkaloids;   Drug: Platinum based chemotherapies;   Drug: Bevacizumab;   Drug: Mitomycine C;   Drug: Eribuline;   Drug: MEDI4736
Sponsors:   UNICANCER;   Fondation ARC;   AstraZeneca