Qin Chen, PhD

Professor, Pharmacogenomics
Director, Pharmacogenomics
Holsclaw Endowed Professorship, Pharmacogenomics

Dr. Chen's leadership roles include directing NIEHS training program at the University of Arizona for 12 years, coordinating and teaching a large undergraduate course in pharmacology, and interacting with physicians worldwide to develop translational research projects.  Under her leadership, the training program has gained yearly trainee positions from 9 to 12, operated with transparency, established External Advisory Board, supported students through University wide selection, balanced the number of trainees per laboratory, fostered training of leadership skills, and supported 45 predoctoral students and 15 postdoctoral fellows.  

Dr. Chen's laboratory has been focused on studying the molecular biology of oxidative stress, and she has 15 years of experience in utilizing genomic and proteomic technology to address basic science questions.  She has trained 14 postdoctoral fellows, 11 Ph.D. and 4 M.S students. Ongoing research projects in her laboratory include 1) stress induced de novo protein synthesis for organ protection; 2) role of Nrf2 transcription factor in protection against cardiac injury; 3) function of Glucocorticoid Induced Leucine Zipper in the myocardium; 4) pharmacological agents that protect the heart from ischemic and chemotherapeutic injuries; and 5) biomarker discovery for predicting tissue injury due to oxidative stress.

Dr. Chen’s laboratory has well-established expertise in cell biology, molecular biology and animal models of oxidative stress. Her membership at the University of Arizona Cancer Center has brought new opportunities for collaboration in the area of cancer research.