Collaborations, Alliances, and Business Development Support

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Many of our faculty are recognized key opinion leaders and intensely interested in their chosen research areas.  We can help external collaborators assess fit of external projects and opportunities in the research portfolios of our internationally recognized faculty and research programs.  Not all opportunities fit the mold of academic research programs, but we can help identify veins of common interest and balance assymetries  in objectives that commonly differ between academic and industry collaborators.

The University of Arizona has partnered with Covalent Data and SciVal to provide a searchable menu of content enabling potential collaborators to find research capabilities and expertise for collaborations, projects, consulting, and other elements of domain expert engagement. Alternatively, call one of the University of Arizona business development professionals for help with your collaboration efforts. 

Who to Contact

Rick Silva, PhD

Executive Director, Biomedical Corporate Alliances
UA Health Sciences
Areas of Expertise:

Biomedical projects, digital health projects, clinical trials, UAHS faculty engagements, alliances, business development, industry engagement, open innovation.

Rakhi Gibbons

Director, Licensing
Tech Launch Arizona
Areas of Expertise:

Technology licensing, technology solicitations, and startup opportunities.

Michele Zacks, MS, PhD

Associate, Research Development
Office for Research & Discovery
Covalent Data

Covalent Data offers a comprehensive and accurate collection of content describing the academic innovation landscape, utilizing content indexed with crawler technology. This link is powered by the Covalent Data innovation intelligence engine.  Covalent Data will allow a highly organized retrieval of relevant people, publications, patents, programs, portfolios, grants, and clinical trials at the University of Arizona, around a research theme specified by you.  Search, filter, and sort University of Arizona researchers and drill down their grant, publication, patent and clincial trial portfolios by selecting filters or clinciak on a given year.  

Do a Covalent Data Search of University of Arizona

The University of Arizona Research Gateway

The University of Arizona produces more than $530 million in annual research, is ranked as one of the top 15 public research universities in the nation, and is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU), a group of 62 leading U.S. Universities distinguished by the breadth and quality of their programs in research and graduate education.

The University of Arizona has numerous world-class research groups working at the cutting edges of technology and translating research into practical applications. The UA is a research partner to businesses of all types and sizes – from technology startups to the most demanding global industry partners.

Doing Business with the University of Arizona
Useful information and contact information for procurement matters, collaborations, sponsorships, and using University of Arizona trademarks and logos.

The University of Arizona's Research Enterprise
High level summary of research capabilities and areas of expertise, including linkages to major programatic themes across the biomedical and physical sciences.

Sponsoring Research at the University of Arizona
Everything you need to know about sponsoring research projects and collaborating with the University of Arizona.

Arizona Choice Sponsored Research IP terms
University of Arizona has created a menu of mechanisms for research sponsors to capture intellectual property, enabling research sponsors to know how much intellectual property will cost them before entering into a contract.  The University is still able to negotiate an agreement that is fit-for-purpose if the Arizona Choices do not meet the needs of a sponsor.

F&A/Overhead charts
Table of F&A rates for various activity types under federal grants and through corporate sponsored projects.

The University of Arizona Scival Experts

This link is powered by Evelsier’s SciVal Experts. The University of Arizona’s Research Catalog, is powered by of Elsevier’s SciVal Experts. The Research Catalog allows you to search for experts by navigating the hierarchy listed, by concept or last name using the search box.