Kenneth S. Ramos, MD, PhD, PharmB

Associate Vice President for Precision Health Sciences
Director, Center for Applied Genetics and Genomic Medicine
Director, MD-PhD Program
Professor, Medicine
Member of the National Academy of Medicine

Dr. Ramos is a physician-scientist with interests in molecular and precision medicine, particularly as it relates to vascular pathology, oncology and chronic diseases of the lung. His translational research program integrates diverse approaches ranging from molecular genetics to population-based studies to elucidate genomic mechanisms of pathogenesis and to develop novel approaches and therapies to minimize chronic disease. Ongoing translational studies in his laboratory focus on the study of repetitive genetic elements in the mammalian genome and their role in genome plasticity, toxicity and disease, while clinical studies focus on the development and characterization of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of cancer and chronic pulmonary disease to advance the goals of personalized genomic medicine. He is deeply committed to initiatives that advance precision medicine and its applications to reduce disease burden and health disparities, improve quality of healthcare and reduce costs.