Corporate Partners

The University of Arizona Health Sciences, Office of Biomedical Corporate Alliances resides within the Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences with the support from the Center for Applied Genetics and Genomic Medicine and Tech Launch Arizona. The office is charged with supporting all aspects of corporate collaboration support including: 

  • Promotion and facilitation
  • Intake and contracting
  • Facilitation with other units of University of Arizona, including Research Administration, Contracting, Procurement, and the Office of General Counsel
  • Support of corporate partners throughout the collaboration and alliance lifecycle process


Our program portfolio is designed to proactively engage industry for opportunities and support industry build bridges across the research enterprise. Through the Mindshare program we build internal awareness of new models of academic-industry collaboration, by bringing industry to the University of Arizona to talk about their current collaboration and business development programs.  Through our Grandstand and Roadshow programs, we promote differentiated research capabilities and specific collaboration opportunities at the University of Arizona to the local business community and the national biomedical industry sector, respectively. We cultivate and curate Research Marketplace, which is not only a state-of-the-art online source of information about clinical and basic research resources, but also an ethos and best practices that strive to minimize the transaction costs associated with collaborating with the University of Arizona. We deep and broad experience, facilitating hundreds upon hundreds of collaborative projects and alliances at the interface of industry and academia, so we are here to define collaborative structures and mechanisms that are built-for-purpose.

Collaboration Models

We have ongoing collaborations and master agreements with large and small industry partners in the following areas:

  • Medical imaging technology development and validation (MRI, PET, CT, ultrasound, imaging agents)
  • Drug discovery
  • Medical device development
  • Drug development
  • Clinical trials
  • Technology development 

We have engaged partners through the following collaborative structures and models: 

  • Sponsored projects and a variety of clinical trial models
  • Research alliances and master agreements
  • Technology development and licensing collaborations (through Tech Launch Arizona), and consistent with industry norms for a given project
  • Proprietary strategy and intellectual property (through Tech Launch Arizona)
  • Start-ups and venture development
  • Intrapreneurship and internal enterprise development
  • Ideation and prototyping programs/collaborations

We are capable of creating a fit-for-purpose agreement framework to enable low-friction engagement, multi-project agreements, and managing the nuances (often asymmetric) of data rights, IP rights, specimen usage, and publication rights that are a hallmark of today's biomedical collaborations.

Strategic Opportunities for Corporate Partners

Strategic investments in population health and precision medicine are enabling powerful approaches to clinical research utilizing BIG DATA....

  • Precision medicine clinical trials with biomarker guided enrollment
  • Population health and comparative effectiveness studies in clinical trials 
  • Unique and diverse cohorts we can assemble in the communities we serve
  • Population -omics and centralized supply chain for specimen processing and storage

...making possible (in certain cases) the use of genomics, radiomics, proteomics, health analytics and outcome measures, and/or artificial intelligence all in parallel in a clinical cohort.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss our capabilities and the partnering opportunities they might enable.  Please contact Rick Silva.