Corporate Opportunities

Current Industry Collaboration Opportunities

The Office of Biomedical Corporate Alliances curates a list of the published needs of most of the large biopharma companies, and several diagnostic medicine companies that regularly engage universities in their innovation and technology sourcing strategy. The Opportunities List is available upon request, but please contact Biomedical Corporate Alliances to discuss opportunities which are often unpublished or change frequently from the posted lists most companies make available. These published areas of interest are oriented toward in-licensing and investment activities and represent a higher threshold decision process (and greater capital commitments). 


Unsolicited Opportunities

Opportunities in technology validation (e.g. sponsored research) enabling technologies, process improvements, and research capabilities are often unpublished and occur through interpersonal channels. These opportunities often have a different process, threshold, and people within a company and come to the university seeking expertise, presuming the right university people are "discoverable." The UAHS Research Marketplace seeks to make capabilities and research portfolios more "discoverable" and we encourage researchers to claim and curate their Covalent Data, SciVal, Google Scholar, and/or LinkedIn profiles to make it easier for a partner to come to them. 

Venture Capital

Biomedical Corporate Alliances also networks and regularly monitors interests of a few institutional venture capital firms that are actively investing in university biomedical startups at the seed and Series A stage. These engagements and conversations are coordinated with Tech Launch Arizona in most cases to ensure coordination of business and IP activities and ensure fit with areas of investment interest of such firms. Most are focused on limited disease areas, technology modalities, or product categories. 


Through the Roadshow program, the Office of Biomedical Corporate Alliances cultivates relationships with professionals from multiple divisions in large companies. We engage the business development, in-licensing, technology acquisition, clinical science liaisons, academic collaboration specialists, R&D executives, and occasionally process development and manufacturing engineers, to maximize awareness of opportunities and channels of access in over 50 companies whose business strategies are aligned with University of Arizona research strengths. We promote certain institutional capabilities (i.e. medical imaging, precision medicine) when out on the Roadshow. Please contact us to learn more about this program and possibly promoting your program to targeted partners.